Sublime is luminosity. It is liquid lines of color contained in polished acrylic; it is sleek furniture grounded in architectural design. And most beautifully, it is the combination of these two ideals.

For over a decade, New York based designer, Mechial Simone Camden has been making a name for herself and her company. Dedicated to exploring the intersection between fashion and home furnishings, Sublime's design driven furniture and radiant materials has drawn a dedicated following that includes Bergdorf Goodman, MTV, Beyer Blinder Belle Architects and Columbia Pictures just to name a few. Sublime’s designs have also been featured in Will Smith's "Hitch" and Style Networks "Gossip Girl" as well as designing chic luxury lounge, The Gates.

Sublime's furniture collections are available in domestic and exotic woods, brilliant finishes, sumptuous fabrics and seamless metal work. The company's signature concept of incorporating into its designs luminous materials which can be easily interchanged, affords clients the luxury of altering the look and feel of their space within seconds. This versatility provides total design freedom - a Sublime trademark in creating a space that's in harmony with who you are and how you live.

Sublime's acrylic panels are themselves extremely versatile. They vary in size and thickness and can be utilized for a variety of applications from space dividers, back-lit bars, luminous ceiling panels and unique wall art. Available in a dazzling array of colors and patterns, Sublime's intriguing and eye-catching panels create a delicate interplay of light, color and texture. Each individual panel in Sublime's Surfaces Collection is meant to intrigue and inspire, drawing one into a dance of liquid color.

In addition to its signature collections, Sublime develops and manufactures quality bespoke furniture for both its trade and retail clientele. The Sublime philosophy of collaborating to produce the perfect piece has resulted in numerous unique designs used in private residences as well as commercial interiors throughout the US.